Product Care

We recommend customers to check on the product's individual material and refer to our general guidelines in handling each of the products you bought from us.

Below are the general guidelines for most of our offerings:

But, consider pre-washing first.

Prewash any natural fibres that you will be washing in the future, as some shrinkage may occur. We recommend prewashing in the same way you will wash your fabric in the future - including drying. Wash all brights, darks and lights separately as some colours may run in their first few washes.


Chiffon comes in many types but generally use a low temperature for all chiffon. Iron while damp.

SILK chiffon is the most delicate. Follow care instructions of silk (except ironing), but be extra gentle when handling it i.e. when handwashing, pressing dry, ironing. 


PANDORA Chiffon iron in low temperature while damp and the fabric is Machine washable.


Iron under low temperature. Iron while damp. It's safest to put a piece of paper on top of the garment before running the iron across it.


Moss Crepe 

Most Moss Crepe fabrics does not require ironing

Fabrics may be machine-washed using cold/warm water.


Cotton Stretchable 

Plain Weave - Machine washable, bleachable if white, hot/warm iron, dry-cleanable, tumble dry.

Embroidered - Cool hand wash 

*The products with only Cotton as inner, do not require ironing